Dip into the Devil’s Den

Devil’s Den

Dive with the Devil? Yes please! That is what my little sister and I said when we pulled up to Devil’s Den in Williston, Florida. It was a balmy Friday morning when we decided to head up there. We arrived at the park around 9:30 am and waited in like for about 30 minutes to check in and sign out waivers. The price is $15pp plus $10pp if you need to rent snorkel gear, which we did.


After we checked in, we had to wait about an hour for the snorkel gear we rented because it had all been rented out by the time we got there. We had to wait for someone to return his or her gear so we could have it to use. If you have your own gear you will not have to worry about this. We did not mind waiting because it allowed us to explore the little garden area around the park. The garden area is not that nice, but it was something to look at. If you walk by the entrance to the cave and follow the wooden pathway, you can look down the opening into the cave! This was pretty cool. There really isn’t anything at Devils Den except the cave and a campground so be prepared for that. It may be good idea to bring lunch!

IMG_5606 (1)

Finally, it was our turn to go into the cave after we got our snorkel equipment. Entering the cave is exciting because it is a little dark and you are excited to see the water below. Upon entering, you must have fins and snorkel or dive gear with you. Descending into the cave is a small wooden staircase. Only one person is allowed to be on the staircase at a time so this part takes some time, but it is worth it just to see the view of the cave.


Once you descend the stairway you end on a platform that is about knee length into the water. This platform is where you can put your equipment on to get ready then dive in! The water is 72 degrees all year round and crystal clear! The cave is a little dark towards the back, but towards the opening that allows the sunlight to our into the cave it is bright and colorful. The way the light beams off the water is a sight to see! There are all kinds of fish in the water to look at as well.


We stayed in the water for about an hour before we got a little cold and decided to head out for lunch. We left the park and went to Subway before we headed home. Williston is a very small town with limited options, so keep that in mind if you decided to visit Devil’s Den. However, I highly recommend taking a dip into the devils cave. You will not be disappointed.

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