A few Hours in Seattle

IMG_6119Arriving in Seattle just a few hours before we needed to board the ship we hit the main site of Seattle, Pike’s Place Market. From fresh seafood and flowers to trinkets and t-shirts, you can find nearly everything at this market. We had lunch at Market Grill, inside the market. It was delicious. We ordered a halibut sandwich as halibut was the catch of the day.

The main entrance to the market
Great flower displays


Fresh seafood
We love shrimp!

LRG_DSC04169LRG_DSC04164IMG_6121After lunch, we browsed the market a little more and wished we could purchase some of the fresh seafood to cook and enjoy. Then, we went on a hunt for the original Starbucks store.

This is a confusing mission since there is a large, new Starbucks on the corner of the main entrance to the market. It seems like this would be the location of the original but it is not. The original Starbucks location is on the main street of the market and is so small. I walked past it multiple times before I finally found it. Be prepared for a long line that stretches outside of the store. Honestly, I did not wait in the line because my dad picked me up a souvenir cup a few days before. Brownie points for pops 🙂

Store-front of the original Starbucks


Near the market there is also The Great Gum Wall of Seattle. We did not go there, but my little sister and parents did and they thought it was a great site.

After we found the Starbucks, we headed for the cruise ship. It was about a 15 minute walk and very enjoyable. You could see the cruise ships from the market. The adventure was brief but very enjoyable.

View of the port from the cruise ship
Snow covered mountains in the distance


It seems Seattle is on everyone’s summer travel list. I am bummed I did not get to see more of this city but it was exciting for the few hours I was there.

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