Charlie’s Angels



I had the privilege of getting invited to a pre-screening of the new Charlie’s Angels movie. They even sent me this cute package full of swag.

While it has been a long time since I have seen the original Charlie’s Angels, the new one that comes out on November 15 is a pretty good movie for our generation. It includes all aspects of a modern box office hit including style, special effects and some big names. The movie is kind of empty and clearly capitalizing on the #futureisfemale mentality, but it was enjoyable.

While I am not Kristin Stewart’s biggest fan, and I think the movie could have done without her, her character was funny and wore the best sequin pink dresses. Her jokes and witty banter bring an air of lightheartedness to the movie. Her character, Sabina is in stark contrast to her counterpart, Jane, played by Ella Balinska.

Elizabeth Banks, the director, states she approached this movie with goal of having women of all ages relate to the characters and themes. She wanted the girls and women in the audience to see themselves in the movie. The movie seems to be made to show the female point of view.

The movie follows two of the agents of the Townsend agency on a mission. During this mission they learn to trust and depend on each. They also learn not to judge somebody based on what you think you know about them. At the end of the movie they become friends and seem to be very happy.

This movie, in my opinion, is a chick-flick action movie. It is fun and light-hearted. Enjoy. Charlie sends love. Check it out for yourselves on November 15!

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