As you have probably guessed, my name is Brittany. I recently graduated from the University of Florida (GO GATORS) and am pursuing a future in law. I am a former Tampa Bay Lightning Girl and currently work at a law firm.

My passion is traveling. I cannot get enough of it and now I have the perfect partner to do so with. I have been to the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Dubai, Panama, St. Thomas, Cuba and many of the Caribbean Islands. I have also been to many places in the United States including New York, California, Utah, New Orleans, Minnesota, The Grand Canyon, Denver, Miami and the Keys. I have many upcoming trips and am so excited to share my experiences.

I have a love for fashion and being on the stage…in a different way than you might think.  I love being on the stage competing in beauty pageants. They have taught me so much in almost every aspect of my life. I also have a love for nature, chocolate and all things British (don’s ask because I can’t explain it).


I live a pretty active lifestyle and am constantly doing something, going somewhere or trying new things. I have a passion for writing and am excited to use this as a creative outlet. I am interested in all kinds of things from traveling to books, tv shows and eating (lol who doesn’t like food). I will give my honest opinion on places and things I visit or try. I am also very interested in politics and will occasionally pen an opinion piece on what is happening in our country. I am open to any and all comments, recommendations or criticism so please do not be shy.