Bean There, Drunk That: Foundation Coffee Co.

To make studying for the MCAT a little more interesting and somewhat bearable, I have decided to go on the hunt for the best skim milk cappuccino in downtown Tampa, FL. (I know I said I gave them up, but with all this studying I need a mid day treat and pick me up). There are so many coffee houses and cafes to check out…this will take a while. I am not a professional coffee taster, but I am a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur. I love all kinds of coffee including, but not limited too, iced, cold brew, black, espresso, flavored….I like it all. However, I love cappuccinos…so, so much.


It was not until I went to Europe last summer that I truly appreciated a good cappuccino. It is difficult to find a cappuccino comparable to those of the country of origin, Italy, but I am trying and am on the look out. I will be exploring the city trying to discover hidden gems as well as try the chain coffee shops to get my daily afternoon pick me up. I am also looking for a nice place to study. So let’s get started.

Yesterday, I made the almost one mile trek from my condo to Foundation Coffee Co. Located in Tampa Heights, this shop is found in a trendy building., in an area of Tampa that is known to be home to many “millenials” and “twenty somethings” aka people like me. Many hipster looking people walking around outside gives the cafe the vibe of a cafe in Amsterdam (without the weed and canals). Upon entering, the chattering of students and friends fills the room. On the right there is a ceiling high fountain which will immediately capture your eye. With many bar stools, a few tables and some couches, there is room to sit comfortably inside. There is also a large patio.
However, in the midst of a Florida summer, I did not want to be drenched in sweat as I enjoyed my drink.

The crowd is a mix of gym goers coming and going from the local gyms, business men and women stopping in for a quick pick me up, friends catching up and students discussing class work. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting. If you are going to study and you are easily distracted, this may not be your coffee shop because the girls laughing in the corner may take away from your focus. The menu is simple, espresso drinks, cold brew, nitro brew and a few iced teas. The barista will happily discuss the brew of coffee they have that day with you and customize your drink in any way you wish…even with macadamia milk. There are a few options for food and sweets, but not very many. I am a big snacker when I study so I did not find the options they offered appealing to my preferences. If I was not focusing on watching what I was eating, I would have gotten the pineapple pound cake though. It looked amazing!


Now, for the cappuccino. I ordered a regular cappuccino with skim milk. I then put one packet of natural sugar in the drink, which is normal for me.  The presentation was perfect. A white mug, creamy color and heart made in the foam. It was definitely instagrammable. However, the taste was not preferable to me. I found the coffee to be bitter and have a bit of a harsh after taste. The company brands themselves as a specialty coffee-house who takes pride in the whole process from the bean to the filtered water. To me, the coffee tasted like it was over roasted, over processed or possibly just too finely ground. I am not sure why the flavor was not what I expected. It was not terrible, but I would not order a cappuccino from this coffee shop again.

All in all, the atmosphere and feel of the coffee-house was just right. The seating arrangements, decorations and all were appealing. However, the cappuccino just was not up to par. Here is my rating:

Flavor of Cappuccino: 6/10

Presentation: 9/10

Atmosphere: 9/10

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